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About the 2014 Fire

Early Saturday morning, the second day of August, a structural fire started in the Office of Hispanic Ministries due to a faulty power strip.


The blaze torched the office and its neighbors, the church kitchen and the sacristy. Extensive smoke damage occured throughout the building, as the air conditioning switched on in a desperate attempt to cool the building, belching fumes into every room of the church.

The fire was extinguished thanks to the Phoenix Fire Department, and an amazing team of parishioners and volunteers worked swiftly to remove valuables and have vestments cleaned for smoke damage. Because of their efforts, we were able to celebrate Solemn High Mass on the lawn the very next morning!


The next year and a half was filled with the long, hard work of reconstruction and redesign. Church leaders met with contractors, architects, and artists to create a church for the 21st century. The congregation worshiped outdoors under a tent through the heat of summer and the cold of winter - although Christmas Eve under the stars was beautiful!


We are still rebuilding the church, but we are stronger than ever. During our 'year in exile,' we were blessed with helping hands and new faces, and we have grown as a parish.


Please consider making a donation to support St. Mary's. Any donation, small or large, helps the parish serve the neighborhood community, and helps ensure that we can continue to serve the community for decades to come.

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