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The Episcopal Pulse


In the summer of 2023 St. Mary's joined other small Episcopalian congregations to participate in a joint effort by the Episcopal Church Foundation (ECF) and The FaithX Project (FaithX) by distributing a survey to the congregation for voluntary participation. The collaboration is ongoing and ECF/FaithX has resources and information to share with any who are interested, and it is called The Episcopal Pulse.

The following is from a communication from ECF concerning The Episcopal Pulse:

Episcopal Pulse: Equipping the Church for Tomorrow 

Leading Episcopal faith communities into the future through our programs and resources is at the center of our purpose and mission at ECF. Under the banner of Adaptive Ministries, we dedicate ourselves to equipping and resourcing communities of faith to discover what God is calling them to be in a changing church and world. Our programs are grounded in a data-driven understanding of the church, reflecting our commitment to learning, sharing, and growing with others in community. 

This is why we're pleased to partner with The FaithX Project to continue the Episcopal Pulse survey — a research initiative designed to help us understand the heartbeat of The Episcopal Church, giving us insights to better serve our partner congregations. 

What is the Episcopal Pulse? 

The Episcopal Pulse is a research project initiated as an experiment by The FaithX Project and TryTank Experimental Laboratory in 2022. Building on the success of this experiment, ECF is partnering with FaithX to continue the Pulse. This survey delves into pressing topics facing our church today. The insights we gather will enrich our resources for congregational leaders and enhance our programs to better serve local Episcopal communities. 

Becoming an Episcopal Pulse Member: 

At the heart of the Episcopal Pulse are dedicated respondents — individuals who understand the importance of contributing to the ongoing conversation within our church. Whether you are ordained or lay, your insights are vital. Members of the Episcopal Pulse will:

  • Contribute their wisdom to shape ECF/FaithX programs and resources supporting Episcopal communities and congregational leadership. 

  • Receive a free 'sneak peek' of survey results shared back with them when they receive their next survey. 

  • Enter a monthly draw for a gift from one of our partners as a token of appreciation for sharing their thoughts. 

Join the Pulse: 

Your insights matter, and together, we can create a stronger, more vital future for The Episcopal Church. Click here to join the Episcopal Pulse community. You can also visit the Episcopal Pulse webpage for more information. Thank you for considering your involvement, and we look forward to your participation in shaping the future of The Episcopal Church.

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