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EfM is a small-group learning process with a mentor incorporating not merely shared study of Scripture within the engendering history flowing to our present day, but also worship and refinement of personal theological insight. The entire sequence is four years: Hebrew Scriptures, Christian Scriptures, Church History, and the Modern Church.

Each year is registered for separately (hopefully serially) so one does not undertake a commitment for all four years at outset; while interruptions do occur, the sequence can usually be resumed.


Participants are resident throughout the Valley, and while the current
location is at St. Mary’s a relocation can be considered depending on the location of enrollees.

Sessions, while regular, are scheduled flexibly depending on availabilities of the participants. Typically they are once a week for a 9-month “academic year” and last about 2.5+ hours. A registration fee is required; some scholarship loan assistance may be available.


For general information, please visit A
sample handout from the St. Mary’s EfM sequence is available in the Parish Office.

Cheak (“check”) Yee is the mentor at St. Mary’s and brings to the seminar an unusually broad and inter-disciplinary perspective on the study materials, given his studies in history, political science, geography, economics and lately in theology, with some insights from a bicultural heritage.


Please contact Cheak for more details at 602-354-7540.

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