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Donations and Charitable Giving

How is my donation used?

However you like! You can choose how your donation is used by writing a particular ministry or project (e.g. "Kitchen fund" or "Food Bank") on your check or by donating online and doing the same.


Otherwise, your donation will go to St. Mary's general fund, which is used to support a wide range of St. Mary's ministries.

It should be mentioned that St. Mary's is supported by a core of dedicated parishioners who volunteer their time and services for free. Together, your contributions and their hard work allow St. Mary's to exist and will allow the congregation to continue well into the future!

Please use this form to contact our parish treasurer who will answer any questions you have about giving to St. Mary's, including how to set up a direct donation, make a regular pledge, or how to donate to a particular ministry.

Thank you! You will be contacted shortly.

How do I give online?

Make a secure online donation by clicking on the yellow Donate button below. Your donation is processed through Paypal, but you do not need a Paypal account to donate. This is a secure transaction.


A small gift makes a big difference!

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