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The Great Fifty Days of Easter

Easter Sunday is only the beginning!

A great fifty-day feast (known as “Eastertide,” “Easter Season,” or “Easter Time,” as well as “Paschaltide,” “Paschal Season,” or “Paschal Time”) kicks off on Easter Day. In the Church Year, this is quite literally fifty days of feasting.

Easter is the high point of the Church Year. So it makes sense that we would party for so long. After all, the main point of the whole gospel is to prepare us for an eternal celebration and feast.

This is reflected in the fact that our Lenten fast only lasts forty days (not including Sundays), while Easter is fifty days. Fasting will pass away, as Jesus said, but the Great Feast of the Lamb will last for ages of ages (a Hebrew into Greek idiom for eternity!).

So let the feasting begin!

(courtesy of Anglican Compass)

Union of Black Episcopalians Raffle

UBE Raffle
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Adult Formation

Adult Formation

Weekly Bible Study

Tuesdays 7:00 p.m. by Zoom

Exploring the Gospel of John

Anglicanism places a strong emphasis on Scripture as a primary source of authority, and the Gospel of John is revered for its portrayal of the life, teachings, and redemptive work of Jesus. Its central theme of God's love and the call to faith resonates deeply with Anglican theology, highlighting the transformative power of God's grace. Anglican theologians and scholars engage with the Gospel of John in understanding of its profound teachings. Overall, the Gospel of John holds a cherished place in Anglicanism, guiding the faith, worship, and theological exploration of Anglicans around the world.

Read more here. Everyone is welcome!

Children and Youth

Children and Youth

Sunday School

Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

Lectionary-based Montessori-style learning and activities for children and youth are available during the Liturgy of the Word all year round Young people join the service during the Exchange of the Peace.

Chapel Rock Summer Camp

Each summer our Sunday School students eagerly look forward to the week they spend at Chapel Rock in Prescott. The Diocese generously provides scholarships for the campers, but St. Mary’s must also make a contribution towards the registration fees. If you would like to make a donation to our Camp Fund, please make your check payable to Saint Mary’s and put Camp Fund in the memo line. Thank you in advance for your gift.

Ministry Opportunities at Saint Mary's

A parish community depends on the generous giving of time, talent, and treasure by our members. We are very grateful to all our brothers and sisters who, week by week, support our common life and ministry in this place. Please review the list below and consider one of these ministry opportunities. For more information speak with the ministry lead(s) or Karen.


  • Altar Guild (Phyllis) - prepare the church for worship on Sundays and Holy Days and keep the shrines and chapel orderly

  • Greeters and Ushers (Pat, Ron) - greet our guests at Mass and provide them with service leaflets, newcomer cards and information about our parish.

  • Hospitality Team (Cheak) - prepare for coffee hour and other receptions, help to keep the kitchen and parish hall neat.

  • Lectionary Readers (Fr. Craig, Linda) - read the lessons on Sundays and Holy Days

  • Liturgical Ministers (Fr. Craig) - serve at the altar during worship

  • Lay Eucharistic Ministers (Cheak) - bring the sacrament to homebound parishioners

  • Schola Cantorum (Br. Jeffrey, Will) - provide music for worship

Ministry Opportunities


The Alms Fund :: Helping parishioners and others in immediate need

The number of people calling—or appearing at our doors—needing help with rent, water or electric or gas bills, food, auto repair, etc., has greatly increased since the height of the pandemic. These are tough times for many of us, and the Alms Fund is there to help...sometimes. You can help us help those who despair that their electricity will be cut off, or that they will be evicted, or that their children won't have the nourishment they need to grow and flourish, or they need a nice outfit in order to interview for a job, or...or...or...

You can help St. Mary's respond in ways Jesus commanded us to respond by donating to St. Mary's Alms Fund. Just write a check with a memo "Alms Fund," or if you make your donations electronically, you can designate an extra donation to St. Mary's with a similar memo. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Parish Administrator, Karen Dura, at


Help us help St. Mary's People and many others in immediate need so they have time to seek longer term solutions.


Thank you so very much!

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Just enter in your web browser and follow the link.  These are excellent ways to keep abreast of happenings around the diocese and the larger church.


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