Episcopal     Church    Visual     Arts

Welcome to the home of the Episcopal Church Visual Arts (ECVA) chapter in the Episcopal Diocese of Arizona!The mission of ECVA is to encourage artists and organizations to engage the visual arts in the spiritual life of the church.


ECVA strives to support...


  • Artists in our community to use their creative gifts for the glory of God.


  • Individuals to explore the opportunities that visual arts offer in their spiritual journeys.


  • Missions, parishes, and cathedrals to incorporate visual arts in their total programs.


  • Conversations and research in issues related to the arts, theology, and culture. 

The     Illuminators:     An     Art     Workshop     for     Pentecost

This is a gallery of the artwork created during the Illuminators workshop.


We learned how to draw calligraphy using the double pencil technique and watched Dr. Paula Artac's amazing demonstrations of easy-to-do watercolor techniques.


Dr. Artac guided us individually through the process, from conception to completion, and everyone had a blast!

The     O    Antiphons:

Advent     Art     Series

The O Antiphons are currently on display at the St. Mary's gallery, located in the Parish Hall.


The O Antiphons installation is featured in the December 2016 edition of the Episcopal Journal, available below.