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What is Michaelmas?

On the feast of Saint Michael and All Angels, Christians around the world celebrate and give thanks to God for the gift and ministry of his angels. It's also sometimes called Michaelmas, or "Michael's Mass."


Angels are a hot topic in our culture right now, depicted as everything from helpful cupids to personal guardians to fearsome bringers of heavenly wrath.


But what do Christians believe about angels? What does the Bible say about angels? What is their role in God's kingdom of grace, truth, mercy, and love? And what is their relationship to us here, now, in the 21st century?


Join the celebration to find out! We will celebrate the wonderful feast of Saint Michael and All Angels at 10:00am on Sunday, September 30th. As always, a reception follows the service. Everyone is welcome.


If you need a ride to Mass, please contact the church office at 602-354-7540 so we can arrange one for you.

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