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Feast of the Annunciation

The feast of the Annunciation is celebrated by Christians around the world as a way to commemorate the events of Luke 1:26-38, when the angel Gabriel announced to the Blessed Virgin Mary that she would bear the Savior of the world. Because the Church sometimes likes to be "literal in her symbolism," this feast falls exactly 9 months before Christmas day.


Mary is central to our lives as Christians. She was the first to "say yes to God," to allow her life to be transformed by Jesus, to allow him into her heart, mind, and body. What does it mean to follow her example? How does she strengthen our relationship with her son? Is Mary still active in the Church and in the world today? And how can we bear Christ to our friends and neighbors?

Be there on Monday, March 25th at 7:00pm for Solemn High Mass with choir and incense. We will worship and give thanks to God through art and music.

If you have questions or need a ride to Mass, please contact the church office at 602-354-7540 so we can arrange one for you.

Image Credit:

"The Angel of the Annunciation," Salvador Dali

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