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Who is Mary Magdalene?

St. Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus' closest disciples, and the first witness to his resurrection. She was sent to tell the apostles about the resurrection, which is why she is called "the apostle to the apostles." Throughout the centuries, many other stories and legends have been attributed to Mary - but who was she, really? And what is her legacy for us in the 21st century?

Curious to learn more? Be there on Sunday, July 23rd at 10:00am for the beautiful, solemn festal liturgy of St. Mary Magdalene. A first class relic of Mary will be available in the Chapel of the Holy Cross for veneration and meditation. The choir will sing at this service, and as always, a reception follows the Mass.

If you have questions or need a ride to Mass, please contact the church office at 602-354-7540 so we can arrange one for you.

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