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Dormant Notices

Liturgical Ministry Opportunities

Here at St. Mary's, the Liturgy—the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly cycle of worship which we give to the God who loves us more than we can ever ask or imagine—infuses every aspect of our life together. We take our liturgy both seriously and joyfully, reveling in the sights and sounds and smells and symbolism and significance which is found in the Great Tradition of English Catholic spirituality.

We like to involve as many people as possible in our worship services, because the liturgy is an offering of the whole Body of Christ—all of whom have gifts and talents to offer in the praise of God. We invite you to consider adding a liturgical ministry to your spiritual journey. 

Training is provided for all of these ministries.

Below are some possibilities.


The ministry of lector is one of the most visible roles of service at the liturgy. We take this ministry seriously, preparing well for it and helping our Scripture reading become the living Word of God. Our next training session for current and new lectors is on Saturday, February 26, beginning with Matins (morning prayer) at 9:00 a.m. The training will be finished by noon. Learn how best to proclaim—no just read out loud—the Word of God during the liturgy!


If you like to work with beautiful things and have an eye for detail, you may want to explore the ministry of sacristan. Sacristans work behind the scenes making sure everything needed for a particular liturgy is cleaned and polished, prepared, and set in place for use in the service of God. Training is provided.


Serving at Mass involves learning to perform some very specific duties during the liturgy. Carrying the cross and candles, swinging incense, and assisting the sacred ministers as they "set the table" are just some of the things servers do during the liturgy. 

If you are interested in finding out more, contact Fr. Craig at


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