Episcopal Network for Animal Welfare

The Mission of ENAW at St. Mary's is to create a supportive venue for animal lovers with a variety of interests and gifts.


We believe that ending animal cruelty in all its forms and striving for mercy for all creatures is an essential task of the Church.


We believe that our treatment of animals, “the least of these,” is of major importance to all Christians and has implications for our health, environment, and world hunger - all of which demand our attention.

Projects & Goals at St. Mary's

Providing a witness for animal welfare.

Praying for the welfare of animals and the end of animal exploitation.

Developing a consistent theological position for animal welfare.

Providing educational resources.

Providing support for those concerned about animal welfare in the Diocese of Arizona and the Episcopal Church.

Encouraging and providing liturgies, services, and prayers that include all God’s creatures.

Annual Festival High Mass for St. Francis of Assisi and the Blessing of the Animals.