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Adult Formation

Weekly Bible Study

Exploring the Apocrypha, Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.  Read more here (clicking the link will take you to the page).  This is moderated by Br. Lee Hughes, OP, our resident Dominican.  Please contact him for more details at (602) 541-3159 or hughes.lee.michael@gmail.com.

Currently we are taking a BREAK from heavy Wisdom Literature and engaging with the more literary-style "additions" to the Book of the Prophet Daniel:

  • "The Song of the Three Young Men"

  • "Susanna"

  • "Bel and the Dragon"

Yes, there be dragons.


You're invited to attend:

The WordCloud of Unknowing

Our very first weekend conference is for everyone who loves words and The Word; something which defines us as St. Mary's People. Complete information is on our website (click here), but you may be wondering about the name chosen for the weekend.

The name of this conference, "The WordCloud of Unknowing" is something of a pun which joins the name of a modern 'technology of words' (the word cloud) with the title of one of the most celebrated works of medieval mysticism, The Cloud of Unknowing.

But the name of the weekend is not just a rather eccentric and esoteric 'techno/mystical pun.' It sums up a conference which explores how the power of words in contemporary poetry can lead us and our readers in their journey toward a more individual and passionate relationship with God the Word.

Volunteers for Word Cloud

Preparations for our weekend of poetry, music, discussion, and spirituality are ramping up. Any time you put together a conference, you always need more volunteers to anchor various aspects of the process:

  • Administration—tickets and registration, name tags.

  • Publicity—distributing flyers and contacting interested people.

  • Hospitality—organizing receptions and making sure no one lacks for food and drink.

  • Merchandizing—organizing and arranging for sales of books and media.

  • People wrangling—answering questions, helping individuals, escorting groups from one place to another on the church campus, organizing transport for conference leaders.

  • Facilities—making sure that everything is set up for the various programs.

The conference will be held the weekend of October 14-16, 2022 and looks to be a fascinating experience for all. You don't need to come to the whole thing in order to volunteer. Your help can be tailored to your schedule.

There are sign-up sheets in the Parish Hall and Parish House Living Room. The Rector or Daniel Miess can give you more information about how you can participate in our very first outreach ministry of this kind!

Children and Youth
Sundays at 10:30 a.m.

Sunday School

Lectionary-based learning and activities for children and youth are available during the Liturgy of the Word. Young people join the service during the Exchange of the Peace.

Hospitality Task Group

If you enjoy cooking for others. If you love to entertain. If planning a party for 50 of your nearest and dearest gives you thrill—the Hospitality Task Group is a ministry you’ll want to be part of! The group is responsible for organizing the receptions which follow our Festival Liturgies—something we all look forward to as a way of continuing the joy we experienced in our worship together.

Contact Daniel Miess (creativelydaniel@gmail.com) for more information.


All kinds of pets are welcome, too!

If you're a dog, you'll want to be on a leash. If you're a cat, you may want to have a carrier handy. If you're a mouse, or turtle, or fish, or bird, or hermit crab, or hamster, or gerbil, or rabbit, or lizard, or snake, or tarantula, or other smallish animal, you'll probably want your human to carry you. If you're a horse, you may want to carry your human. Or not.

If you have trouble playing well with others, your human can bring your collar, or leash, or toy, or even a picture of you—and it will be blessed just as if you were there yourself.


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