About    Christmas

For a moment the world was aglow,
All the bells rang out;

there were tears of joy and laughter.
People shouted, 'Let everyone know there is hope for all to find peace!'

When the "Word was made Flesh," God's great love for humanity was made manifest - especially to the poor, the lowly, the scorned, the oppressed, and the outcast.


To this day, 2,000 years later, the miracle of Christmas we call the Incarnation is still transforming lives.

Celebrate with us and billions of others around the world!

Christmas Eve Midnight Mass begins at 9.30pm with pre-service music beginning at 9.00.


Joy, singing, candlelight, bells, organ, incense, prayer, and community are all hallmarks of worship at St. Mary's. The annual parish Christmas party follows the service.​

If you prefer not to drive at night or need a ride to this service, please do call the parish offices at (602) 354-7540! We don't want anyone to miss Christmas Eve, and we will be happy to arrange a ride for you.